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Department of Journalism, Media & Computing
Hitchcock 209
Creighton University
Omaha, Nebraska
Phone: 402.280.2825

We live in an information-rich society where those who have the knowledge and skills to discover, present, visualize and process information will lead the way. Creighton's Department of Journalism, Media and Computing (JMC) is a cutting-edge, forward-thinking department that prepares graduates for success in this information-rich world through programs in Journalism, Graphic Design and Computer Science.

The JMC curriculum is designed so that basic courses and collaborative experiences with faculty provide a strong foundation in writing, design and programming. Within the majors and tracks, students build on this broad understanding to specialize in majors in Journalism (with tracks in Advertising, News, and Public Relations), Graphic Design & Media (with tracks in Graphics Design and Multimedia & Photojournalism), and Computer Science & Informatics (with tracks in Computer Science and Digital Development).

The Department of Journalism, Media & Computing is committed to providing students with the ethical foundation, latest tools and methodologies, collaborative learning experiences and opportunities outside the classroom to apply their knowledge and skills.