It’s easy to declare a major in the Department of Journalism, Media and Computing.

You can declare your major during spring of your freshman year. It is important to do so as soon as you decide this is the field for you. This way, you move to a department adviser who will guide you in choosing courses and help you get internships. JM&C welcomes all prospective majors.

It’s relatively easy to complete more than one track or one major under JM&C. You can combine news and public relations, for example, or advertising and graphic design. Internships can help you decide which field fits your skills and your interests.


Just click on the Current Students link on the College of Arts and Sciences website.


Click on the “Declare Your Major“ tab and fill out the form that will pop up.


Indicate your chosen track and your preferred faculty adviser. The chair of JM&C will complete the form to accept you.

If you aren’t sure which major in JM&C is right for you, email or visit Dr. Carol Zuegner, department chair, or any of the faculty members who teach in an area you are interested in.